What Is a Warehouse Robot?

Samfacc focused on injection molding machine peripheral automation equipment, including high-speed robots, high-speed side-entry robots, top entry IML, automatic packaging machines, other customized products, etc. Samfacc Robot is also a unique warehouse robot. The use of robotics technology can perform many plastic products through programming and automatic control. It is widely used in the production line of injection molding industrial warehouses. Compared with traditional multi-joint robots, warehouse robotics have higher efficiency and flexibility. It has multiple parts, including a structure, control system, sensor, EOAT, servo driver, reducer, negative pressure meter, etc. Each part is performed to provide necessary support and guarantee for the operation of the warehouse robot.

warehouse robot

Why choose the Samfacc warehouse robot among numerous robot brands?

For the manufacturer of the injection molding plastic product industry, “time is money”. If you want to improve factory production efficiency and enterprise competitiveness in the injection molding industry, you must fight against time. Simultaneously enhancing the image of the workshop, while ensuring quality and accurately calculating output. You need to use more efficient, more flexible, and highly loaded robot equipment and high robotics technology. The Samfacc robot adopts a double-stage frame and open structure that can be equipped with three & five -and five-axis servo drivers. Its robotic technology has the characteristics of efficient, secure, accurate, stable, long life, and other characteristics. To achieve the automation of robotics technology in the production workshop of injection molding products.

warehouse robot

The use of Samfacc high-speed warehouse robots can effectively shorten the delivery cycle and avoid safety hazards caused by improper operation of workshop personnel during production, creating a good safety production environment and zero safe accidents. Samfacc warehouse robots have higher speed, precision, reliability, and automatic levels can ensure an inertia of the production cycle. For some thin-walled products with a production cycle of 3-6 seconds, such as disposable lunch boxes, cutlery, etc. The fastest cycle time of the Samfacc high-speed robot can reach 2.8s, while the fetch time reaches 0.4s. It works for 24 hours a day without stopping and the product takes time is fix, which greatly improves the quality of plastic products and production efficiency.

Samfacc warehouse robots automatically run stable, and the failure rate is low, which effectively improves the management of injection molding warehouses and avoids people’s tight problems. The injection molding warehouse implements one person managing one or more mechanisms (including fetch products, separate runner, stacking, packaging, etc.) and, at the same time, is equipped with a Samfacc conveyor belt, which can greatly reduce the number of warehouse personnel, reduce manpower inputting and human factor error, reduce labor costs. Samfacc robot frame structure drawbench reduces the robot failure and maintenance costs and enables the average lifespan of a robot to reach 5-10 years.

warehouse robot

Samfacc robot has an automatic alarm system in its robotics technology, setting mold protection function. If the robot fails to successfully take out the product or the products did not fall from the mold, it will automatically alarm to stop work, which will effectively prevent mold damage.


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