Samfacc Industrial Arm Robot-Focus on Injection Molding Machine Peripheral Automation

Samfacc industrial arm robot is a machine specially equipped for the automation of injection molding production, which can reduce heavy manual labor and ensure product process stability and worker-safe production. It can imitate most of the functions of the upper limb of the human body and can be automatically controlled so that the robot can transport products according to the set more requirements or increase the automatic production of tools.


Our industrial arm robot includes fixed programs and instruction programs. The fixed mode covers several standard processes of injection molding machine production, using the controller to do simple, repetitive, and regular actions. The teaching mode is specially developed for the injection molding machine with a complicated production process, and the basic movements are arranged safely and orderly to achieve the purpose of taking and placing.


Compared with the pneumatic robots, the XYZ axis of our industrial arm robot is all driven by a servo, which ensures the accuracy of the action transmission signal and can maximize the imitation of human beings to carry out more complex operations, complete a series of functions such as multi-point memory placement, arbitrary point standby, and multi-degree of freedom.


Standard industrial arm robots are generally suitable for products with long cycles, heavy loads, and certain requirements for stability, such as automotive parts, multi-cavity products (PET preforms, handles, commodity or cosmetic pumps, handles, etc.), and some large industrial plastic products.

industrial arm robot

For example, the removal of multi-cavity products and the combination of dual guides can improve the load of the industrial arm robot, and the extraction time can be controlled within 1.5 seconds and is stable, extending the service life of the industrial arm robot, this product is very popular in the market.


In 2013, SAMFACC established its exclusive brand with high-speed industrial arm robot, with a repurchase rate of 95% at home and abroad, and more services for products with a short cycle, light load, and high production efficiencies, such as lunch boxes, thin-wall products, disposable knives, forks and spoons, milk tea cups, and other injection molding products; Mainly for the injection cycle of 3-6 seconds of products, the fastest cycle of up to 2.8 seconds, pick up time up to 0.4 seconds. As the featured product of SAMFACC, the high-speed robot has great advantages in the injection molding industry.

industrial arm robot

Have strong backing-Provide cost-effective solutions

SAMFACC is a company specializing in the automation of injection molding industrial arm robots, integrating product design, manufacturing, sales, and service. We are committed to helping customers maximize production efficiency, save labor costs, and provide professional online and offline after-sales service, and the robot will run in our Samfacc factory for more than 24-36 hours, and the professional quality inspection team can complete the inspection before entering the packaging step, so that customers are more assured.


We can customize the surrounding injection molding automation equipment, behind which there is a strong processing, and design team and accurate large-scale processing equipment, which can deeply explore the needs of customers, provide the most cost-effective and efficient industrial arm robot solutions for the injection molding industry pain points, and maximize the benefits of customers!


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