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High-speed vertical robot

The customizable vertical robot utilizes a single-arm or double-arm robot for placing products or material heads at conveyors and comes with an open type and frame structure.

Advantages of our vertical robot:

High Energy Saving

Our machines are manufactured with quality materials that ensure energy preservation for our clients.

High efficiency

The Samfacc vertical robot is made by using modern technology to provide high-speed and precise molding automation processes for our clients in diverse industries.

Maximum safety

We manufacture our products with the safety of our clients in mind. To ensure that our products meet and surpass the industry standards, our qualified and dedicated team ensures that only approved and tested processes can be applied in the manufacture of our vertical robots.

Highly cost-effective

The Samfacc products are of high quality hence our clients are assured of quality long services and saving on the cost of the machines.

Applications of the Samfacc vertical robot

The Samfacc vertical robot systems can be used in several industries. These can be industries producing a wide of commonly used products like plastics as well as food processing industries.

Foshan Samfacc Robot Co., Ltd is a world-famous vertical robot manufacturer and supplier in China that was established in 2013. It focuses on injection molding machines automation peripheral equipment as well as provides molding technologies solutions across different industries. In addition to providing the best injection molding machines vertical robots, Samfacc also provides custom robot solutions for picking material heads from the desktop injection molding machine and placing in the conveyors. To save our clients more space, the vertical robot is combined with arm robot technology. These are also meant to aid in the reduction of human input and to reduce the risk of human bodily harm. The vertical robot SFZ series is not like other arm robots. Its purpose is to remove the finished product or material head to the end of the desktop injection molding machines, thereby saving injection molding machine placement space.

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