Side Entry IML

6 Axis Servo Injection Molding Robot
Side entry structure
Applied IMM:100-800T
Production cycle time:3-25 secs
Certificate:ISO9001;CE Certification
100 sets of mold memory funtion;18 groups of standard programs;80 groups of user education programs

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High speed, high stability and long service life are the highlights of Samfacc’s side entry type IML robot also. Suitable for bucket, cup, biscuit box and other multi-cavity products. The fastest cycle time can be 3.2 seconds, and the fastest take out time is 0.58s, extremely environmentally friendly material, made the added value of thin-wall products further improve.

  • Structure concept

In-mold label is a new packaging which is different from traditional label packaging. Through the combination of automation robot and label, it simplifies the product regeneration process and complies with the development trend of environmental protection.  IML robot is divided into top entry IML robot and side entry IML robot, which can label products of plane and surface


  • User Friendly

The operating system is simple and convenient. Touch-screen intuitive operation, equipped with detailed user manuals and videos guidance, you can learn it at the soonest half a day.


  • Quality First

Lean assembly process, it has been controlled the details and quality from the assembly stage. We have a professional quality management team, using scientific quality management standards, with advanced testing equipment, strict control the quality of robots.All robots will test running for 24-36 hours before shipping.


  • High Cost Effective

Robots assemble with high quality configuration parts imported from Japan,Germany,France,Taiwan…Samfacc has introduced international advanced CNC production equipments, built advanced automatic production lines to process the important robot parts, ensuring the accuracy of parts and smooth operation, the service life of the robots will be much longer.


  • Better support

We provide the detail user manuals, program guidance videos and process teaching Powerpoint files. More than 30 technicists to support the real-time technical guidance.


  • Strong team

Hundreds of talents gathered together,we set product design,manufacture, sales ,and after service as one. Laid the foundation for the first-class Samfacc brand.Made unremitting efforts to create a cost-effective robot for the global market.



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