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Samfacc provides 3-axis robot arms all around the world.

Samfacc has established its name in the industrial arm robot industry. Since its establishment in 2013, the company has been devoted to developing the injection molding machine peripheral automation equipment industry. Samfacc is not only a manufacturer of arm robots but we also design, sell, and provide after-service to the clients. Our products including the 3-axis robot arms are supplied to many countries around the globe especially Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and other developed countries and regions.

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Among our inventory, we offer different types of robots but our main focus is Traverse Robot, IML Robot, Cutlery Packaging System, Vertical Robot, and Side-entry Robot. Talking our 3-axis robot arms, they can fasten the overall speed while maintaining the accurate position and multi-parking. They can be used for the production of household appliances, handles, auto, electronic parts, and medical products as well as sewing. As using these robots can enhance productivity, we try to develop and prepare them for a busy future.

The advantages of these 3 axis robot arms are numerous. They are designed according to global standards and have low energy consumption, which allows the users to use them perfectly while saving on energy bills. One of the best and most important things about them is their production time, it is faster and precise compared to others. Their flexible design ensures that the arm robot can fit into small places and operate properly. Our robots have a simple user interface and anyone can easily learn to use them properly with some instructions.

Using these machines can save a ton in labor cost and maintaining them is also easy. Every spare part is top-tier, and the materials are strong enough to make the robot last for years. All of these configuration parts are imported from the top manufacturers located in Germany, Japan, Taiwan, and France.

These 3 axis robot arms come with detailed user manuals and video guidance. The quality of these items is strictly controlled according to our quality control margins. We have a professional quality management team who use scientific ways to test them before shipping. Each robot is tested for a minimum of 24-36 hours before sending it to our customers. Each product is ISO9001, and CE certified.

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In today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment, streamlining processes and optimizing production efficiency are paramount.  That’s where our expertise in 3 axis robot and AMR robot comes into play.  At SAMFACC Robot, we offer a range of high-performance 3 axis robot arm designed to improve and streamline your production process.


Introducing the 3 Axis Robot Arm

Our 3 axis robot arm is a versatile automation solution that provides precise movement along three linear axes.  This allows for a wide range of applications, making these robots a valuable asset for various industries.  Here’s what sets our 3 axis robot apart:

Enhanced Flexibility: Our robots offer a large working envelope, enabling them to reach a broad range of positions within your workspace. This versatility allows for them to be adapted to various applications and production line layouts.

Superior Speed and Accuracy: We prioritize speed and precision in our robot designs. Our 3 axis robot arm delivers fast cycle times while maintaining consistent and accurate movement, ensuring efficient and reliable operations.

User-Friendly Operations: We understand the importance of intuitive robot control. Our 3 axis robot comes equipped with user-friendly interfaces that simplify programming and operation, even for those with limited robotics experience.

Our 3 Axis Robot Collection

Here’s a glimpse into some of our leading 3-axis robot arm solutions:

Standard Robot SF Series: This robust series offers exceptional payload capacity and a large working range, ideal for material handling and pick-and-place applications.

Standard Robot SFN Series: This series delivers a balance of speed, precision, and compact design, making it a perfect choice for applications requiring fast and accurate product handling within a limited workspace.

Swing Arm Robot SP Series: This series provides a unique vertical arm design, offering excellent space optimization and ideal for applications requiring overhead manipulation or product assembly.

Exploring the Potential of AMR Robot

We are well aware of the growing interest in AMR robot (autonomous mobile robot) designs and products. While we offer stationary 3 axis robot options, we are also actively researching and developing next-generation AMR robot solutions, including potential integrations with AMR Robot technology. This commitment to innovation ensures we remain at the forefront of automation solutions, continually adapting to meet your evolving needs.

Why Choose Us?

By choosing us as your 3 axis robot arm manufacturer, you get following benefits:

Expert Consultation: Our experienced engineering team will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and recommend the optimal 3-axis robot arm solution for your application.

Customizable Solutions: We understand that your needs are unique. That’s why we offer customization options to ensure our robots seamlessly integrate into your existing production line.

Reliable After-Sales Support: We are committed to providing exceptional after-sales support, ensuring you have the resources and expertise to maintain optimal performance of your robots.

Please feel free to contact us at SAMFACC Robot anytime to discuss your specific business and bulk needs.

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