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Samfacc’s High-efficiency IML Robot

The In-mold labeling, IML, robot combines the label and automation robot functions, it is customizable and widely used for the product regeneration process in the food packaging industry. This is because it is efficient in the conservation of the environment. The IML robot is composed of the top and side entry IML robots and can be used to label plane and surface products.

Foshan Samfacc Robot Co. Ltd is a renowned manufacturer and wholesaler of IML robots and automation robots that are efficient and of high precision quality. Our IML Robots come with top entry IML and side entry IML robots which makes both plane and surface product packaging very efficient.

The top entry IML robot

Samfacc’s top entry IML robot is a 3-5 axis servo injection molding robot that comes with single or double-arm robots and can be either open or frame structured. It offers fast speed and you can get a production cycle time of 4-6 seconds with a faster pick-up cycle of 1 second.


Safe and hygienic: This robot is very safe and highly hygienic and can be comfortably used to handle food packaging and processing.

Conserves space: The top entry IML robot is very stable and consumes very little space making it cost-effective.

Water, oil, and mildew proof: The top entry IML robot is both water and oil roof and does not cause corrosion hence the reason they are used in hygienic food packaging.

The side entry IML robot

The Samfacc’s side entry IML is a 6-axis servo injection molding machine automation robot with a side entry structure and offers the industry a production cycle time of 3-25 seconds. This Samfacc’s IML robot is loved for its excellent stability, high speed, and long service as well as being environmentally friendly.

Applications of our IML robot

Samfacc’s IML robots, that’s labeling and automation robots have been widely used in the food packaging industry, especially where multi-cavity production and food stacking processes are required. These are products like buckets, cups, and biscuit boxes.

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