Cutlery Packaging System


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Cutlery Packaging System

Cutlery packaging system is a common industry packaging robot, which includes a traverse robot, a pickup grab, a packaging robot and a sets of stacked upper & lower plates. SAMFACC cutlery packaging system can be used for single or multiple product packaging to meet diverse packaging needs.

Food Packaging Robots By Samfacc

Are you looking for food packaging robots? Samfacc is a well-known packing robot supplier.

The accuracy and precision

The accuracy and precision of these packaging robots are impressive. They are able to provide consistent support and precise movements ensuring that the food is not wasted in any portion. These robots are adaptable to various packaging sizes, types, and formats of food products.

high-quality materials

We use only high-quality materials and machinery to make our robots. It ensures the quality of the product and makes the robots more durable. The best thing about our food packaging robots is that they are highly cost-effective. Most of the configuration components are imported from Germany, Japan, France, and Taiwan.

As a reliable food packaging robot manufacturer, we believe in improving the quality. All of our food packaging robots undergo 24-36 hours of testing and rigorous quality checks before being shipped to different corners of the world. We have a strong team of talented and hardworking employees to run these tests.

Our packing robots meet global quality standards and they are verified by different quality control organizations as well. These robots are capable of reducing a great amount of labor costs with their fast and efficient packaging results.

To learn more about our food packaging robots, or to place an order please contact us at 0757-2262 5848. You can also mail us at

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