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Traverse Robot: Industrial Robot Arm | Servo Robot | Robot Arm Servo

The Traverse Robot is an industrial robot arm that can extract and move the plastic products. Traverse Robots are most often used with horizontal injection molding machines to take out molded plastic products or sprues. With a servo motor driving the traverse robot, the industrial robot arm is also known as a servo robot or robot arm servo.

Foshan Samfacc Robot is one of the best industrial robot arm supply companies focusing on injection molding machine peripheral automation equipment. With a lot of experience in supplying industrial robot arms, Foshan Samfacc Robot has undoubtedly stood out among its competitors as the best in the country and abroad. Foshan Samfacc Robot has conserved its feasibility in high technology, mechanization, and utmost improvement through its many years of experience and professionalism in robotic arm servo making.


One advantage of Foshan Samfacc Robot's servo robot is that the servo motor allows the consecutive procedure to be largely accurate at high speed. By automating take-out systems with servo motors or pneumatic cylinders, a servo robot can ensure workplace safety, reduce defects, speed up production, and reduce cost. Robot arm servos can also reduce waste by accurately controlling output for machines.


Materials used in Samfacc's Traverse robot arms are typically aluminum and cast iron. For the removal and placement of molded parts, middle-sized traverse robots are frequently used on injection molding machines. In the final step of the process, traverse robots are used to remove the finished products from the molds. They can also repackage the finished products. During the operation, the process will be fully automated and highly accurate. It is possible to adjust the robot orientation from horizontal to vertical according to the manufacturer's requirements.

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