Practical Use of SAMFACC Manufacturing Robots

  1. What is the SAMFACC manufacturing robot?

In popular terms, manufacturing robots are industrial robots that are applied to all aspects of industrial production and promote the transformation and upgrading of production in various industries. As one of the pillar industries of China’s light industry, the plastics industry plays an important role in the national economy. Therefore, it is of great significance to improve the depth and breadth of the use of manufacturing robots in the plastics industry. Among them, the SAMFACC manufacturing robot, as a leader in the plastic production industry, is committed to the field of production automation in the injection molding industry and helps the transformation and upgrading of automatic production in the injection molding industry.


SAMFACC manufacturing robot is an industrial manufacturing robot manufacturer focusing on injection molding peripheral automation equipment, aiming at food packaging, automotive, home appliances, chemical, daily necessities, and other industries, research and development of targeted automation equipment, from the standard 3-5 axis horizontal walking robot to IML robot solution, automatic packaging machine solution, etc. SAMFACC has been keeping the mentality of reform, innovation, and active learning to keep moving forward.

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  1. What are the advantages of SAMFACC manufacturing robots?

In China, there are five or six thousand manufacturing robots serving the field of injection molding automation, but SAMFACC manufacturing robots can shine in the field of injection molding automation, inseparable from excellent customer reputation and better product quality.


From the perspective of product quality, SAMFACC industrial manufacturing robots improve the production quality of products through continuous design innovation and optimization of processes, and in the process of continuous comparative research, the most suitable high-quality accessories are selected to match, to achieve the highest product cost performance and maximize product benefits. At the same time, in order to ensure the accuracy of manufacturing robot parts, SAMFACC constantly buys new processing equipment to control the quality and accuracy of parts from the source.


In terms of customer reputation, SAMFACC manufacturing robots have always given priority to customer service, and set up an after-sales team to provide targeted services, from the early installation guidance and customer use teaching to the later service maintenance, and set up regular return maintenance plan, one-stop service to customers, with a high customer buyback rate in the industry. After ten years of trials and hardships, SAMFACC manufacturing robots have accompanied many customers to grow together.

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  1. How to make better use of SAMFACC manufacturing robots in practice?

The service life of various industrial manufacturing robots on the market is uneven, and how to have the long service life of manufacturing robots is the first consideration of every customer when purchasing. From the perspective of customers, SAMFACC not only improves the service life of products from the production process by selecting high-quality parts, machining mechanical parts by itself, and optimizing the processing technology, but also works with customers to carry out maintenance and maintenance, guiding customers to better understand and use manufacturing robots, so as to achieve high-speed and efficient long-term use effects.


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