What is Industrial automated production process?

What is Industrial automated production process?

With the rapid development of China’s national economy and industry, industrial automation robots have also been rapidly developed and improved in terms of variety, scale, design and manufacturing technology, and it has become an inevitable trend to independently design and manufacture from a single machine to complete sets of equipment and even automated production line processes.

automated production proces

The industrial automation robot process is explained from the two aspects of production and use, and with the development of new materials, new processes and new technologies, it has promoted the rapid development of various automatic robots in the direction of intelligence.

From the production point of view, that is, refers to the industrial automation robot process without intervention, but because the parts need fine installation skills, this technology is still unable to reach in the country, or rely on manual installation, especially in some economically backward areas, labor is cheap; However, from the perspective of putting into use, it will be more convenient for everyone to understand, because the use of automation equipment makes the factory more convenient and fast in operation, can not stop 24 hours a day, reduce labor costs, greatly improve production efficien    cy, and improve the production automation process in the workshop;

At present, more manufacturers will be more inclined to choose to use robots to improve automated production processes, and even use a complete set of automation to complete higher-end projects, build their factories into dust-free workshops, and move in the direction of intelligent and higher-end production lines.

automated production proces

Automation improves the production process

At present, when industrial automation is more popular, we are still launching robots in line with market trends in the field of injection molding machines,to assist customers in improving automated production processes:

For example, Samfacc high-speed robot, specially for lunch boxes, disposable knives, forks and spoons and other thin-walled products, so that automation instead of manual removal and stacking, and then transported by the conveyor belt, by hand into the packaging box can greatly improve the efficiency of production and reduce the opening and closing time of injection molding machine,improving the front-end automation process;

PET robot, specially designed for multi-cavity products, such as PET bottle embryos, pump heads, handles and other products, combined with independent design and development of the fixture, so that the manipulator has a strong bearing capacity, stable characteristics, occupy a very big advantage in the market,improving automated processes to avoid product scratches;

The large robot is mainly for the removal of large auto parts and floor panels and elongated products, with strong bearing capacity and good balance.

automated production proces


Samfacc has a strong processing workshop and design and processing team, which can customize feasible automation solutions according to customers’ products and needs, and provide effective support for customers; At the same time, to control the quality of products from the source, but also use of automated CNC machines to improve the automated production process, improve product accuracy and production efficiency, reduce labor costs,promote the improvement of automated production process


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