Samfacc Robot is shining brightly in overseas exhibitions


In November 2022, Samfacc Robot participated in Rubber and Plastic exhibitions held in Indonesia and Turkey, communicating with industry personnel face to face and narrowing the distance between them. During the exhibition, Samfacc Robot impress customers with its excellent performance.



Samfacc Robot


Plastic & Rubber Indonesia 2022, known as the most important Plastic & Rubber industry exhibition in Southeast Asia, kicked off on November 16 in Jakarta, the capital of the country. Samfacc Robot and YIZUMI Injection Molding Machine jointly exhibited. Seize the development opportunities of robot market in Southeast Asia.

At the exhibition, SFN1100W-S3 and SFN1400W-S3, as the main display models, cooperated with YUZIMI injection molding machine to take out the three-color mixing round basin and children’s bath tray. Samfacc Robot advantages, such as accurate positioning, fast up and down arm speed, good motion stability, and taking the product within 1.5 seconds, won customers’ favor.



Samfacc Robot


The 31st PlastEurasia Istanbul 2022 kicked off on November 23 at Istanbul Convention Center, Turkey’s largest city, bringing together people from various countries and the industry’s elite to watch.

At the exhibition, Samfacc Robot across the Eurasian continent hand in hand with JONWAI, TOSHIBA injection molding machine joint exhibition, with the standard robot SFN1400W-S3, high speed robot SFNK1100W-S3 to take out the filter basket, cup and other daily necessities, its stable performance, high speed take out speed, widely praised and loved by customers.



Samfacc Robot


All the time, Samfacc continues to use innovation, quality force to interpret the company’s research and development strength to the market, which provide customers with satisfactory products. In the future, Samfacc will keep pace with the development of the industry, constantly explore the international market, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and enhance the competitiveness of Samfacc in the international market.


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