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With the development of The Times and economy, industrial robots have gradually entered the public’s vision. Factories in pursuit of higher efficiency and quality, as well as the need to reduce labor costs, industrial manufacturing robots emerge. In order to adapt to the different needs of various industries, industrial arm robot , axis robot, cnc arm robot, pick and place robot, side entry robot, top entry robot and other different kinds of robots came into being.



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Samfacc Robot is one of the top Robot companies focusing on injection molding robot manufacturers. According to the needs of different industries, Samfacc Robot has its own unique product insights, and creates different auto robotic design solutions for them. For example, in the field of thin-walled products such as fast food boxes, knives and forks, we recommend high speed robot solutions, SFK series and SFNK series, with the fastest pick-up time of 0.6 seconds and the fastest cycle time of 2.8 seconds, helping customers to save a lot of time and labor costs. Of course, our side entry robot scheme is also applicable to this industry, and specific design should be carried out according to the needs of customers.


Aiming at the high-end packaging industry, we put forward the IML robot design scheme to help customers in the packaging industry to milk tea cups, meal boxes, yogurt cups, ice cream cups, condiment buckets, flower pots, chemical buckets and other packaging industries. Whether it is side entry IML robot design scheme or our top entry IML robot design scheme, our Samfacc Robot has great advantages in both product quality and price of arm robot, and is considered to be a cost-effective choice among injection molding robot solutions.

For large products such as auto parts, home appliances and so on, we also have vertical robot SFZ series, large open type robot SFN series to take out solutions. At present, Samfacc Robot has been used in the supplier factories of several large and well-known brands to help their production, and even exported to foreign countries.


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At present, the common robots on the market are servo robots, driven and controlled by servo motors. Samfacc robot standard axis robot is also controlled by servo motor, combined with the operating system, can realize the pickup and placement of products, mimicking the design of human hands, optimize the production process of products, and realize automatic production.

Focus leads to profession while profession leads to excellence. Samfacc has always insisted on innovation and progress, and constantly optimized our product process and company management, which has laid a solid foundation for the company to advance every time. This set a group of young people dynamic team, constantly surpass themselves, achieve breakthrough.

Samfacc Robot will always adhere to the first class quality control as well as the tradition of continuous research and innovation. To change the traditional injection molding production model. We are committed to contributing to the manufacturing industry in China. Samfacc Robot sets product design, manufacture, sales,and after service as one. The sales area of our company is spread all over the country,and exported to Southeast Asia Europe,North America, South America and other developed countries and regions.


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