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Industrial robot is a kind of auto equipment that can be automatically controlled, reprogrammable, with more than 3 degrees of freedom, and can realize the process steps required by human beings.They are using on a fixed or moving platform, including but not limited to manufacturing, inspection, packaging and assembly, etc., which belongs to secondary products. Industrial robots mainly include: arm industrial, auto robotic, axis robot, cnc arm robot or other industrial robots.


Industrial robot



The injection molding robot is a robot that free control, repeated programming and fixed on the injection molding machine plate.Generally three-axis robot and five-axis robot, which is specially equipped with machinery for injection production automation.It can reduce heavy manual labor, improve working conditions and safety production.Also can imitate part of the function of the human upper limb.Automatic production equipment that can be automatically controlled so that it can perform production operations in accordance with predetermined required products or operating tools. It plays an extremely important role in improving the production efficiency of injection molding machine, stabilizing product quality, reducing reject rate, reducing production cost and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.






The global injection molding robot has a history of more than 50 years. Since 1979, the global injection molding robot began to enter the development stage of intelligent robot technology, which has continued until now. In recent years, the global demand for injection molding robots has shown a steady growth trend.In the worldwide, enterprises are more and more popular in the use of robots, especially in industry, the use of industrial robots is common. The same is true in the food industry, with robots like automated lunch machines, robots that pack cans and even robots that cut meat. In 2016, the global order volume of industrial robots was 258,900 units with an inventory of 1,779,000 units, and 85,000 units in China with an inventory of 332,300 units.


IML robot


And Samfacc seize the opportunity, keeping actively invested in research and development, focusing on the design of injection molding automation equipment in production and industrial manufacturing robots. Helping injection molding enterprises to improve production efficiency, stable product quality, its 3 axis robot, 5 axis robot, high-speed robot, dual arm robot and IML robot are widely praised by injection molding enterprises. Samfacc also actively cooperates with the lots of injection molding machine manufacturers, providing them with pick and place robot collocation exhibition to get common progress.

We has been to pay continuous efforts become a top robot company .2023 the New Year is coming, Samfacc will continue to increase the investment of CNC machining equipment, and plans to invest more than 6000 square meters of new plant.More constantly optimized design and the installation step of IML robot, the cooling robot and other non-standard automation equipment , these equipments will continue to sell to more countries, for more international injection molding enterprises cooperation.



 injection molding robot



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