Application of Samfacc Robot in daily chemical industry

In the process of development, the annual growth rate of China’s plastic machinery industry is about 35% in recent years, and the profit rate is much higher than the growth of the total industrial output value, which is one of the fastest-growing industries in China’s machinery industry. And the application degree of robot automation is getting higher and higher, therefore, Samfacc Robot for the large daily chemical market to make major adjustments, the launch of targeted 3-5 axis robot to meet the needs of the market.

plastic machinery industry

With the progress of science and technology and the development of industry, many problems have appeared in industrial production, such as unbalanced production levels and backward production systems, etc. In these problems, the slow development of productivity is more prominent, benefit maximization is the pursuit of the theme in production, so in today’s rapid development of science and technology, a single artificial production can not meet the requirements, we need to introduce new productivity – robot, to achieve automatic production, in order to improve production present to introduce the application case of Samfacc Robot in the daily chemical industry.


In the daily chemical industry, our 3-axis standard robot and high-speed robot are very popular. Customers are full of praise for its quality, price, and cost performance; we are also working hard to serve customers, to give customers all kinds of quality, and to provide customer service is patient and enthusiastic, our operation process is very simple so that customers can learn to program and operate the robot in half a day.


In life, our common bucket, milk bottle cap, oil bucket, paint bucket, etc., are injection products. In order to improve production efficiency, the manufacturer will use the robot automation mode, convenient management, and estimated delivery time, to give customers a satisfactory answer. Samfacc Robot in the field of injection molding area, with the advantage of taking out time, product quality, and price, to win customer praise; We developed a heavy-duty robot for a multi-cavity product, which can take up to 96 cavities at a time. The double guide rail structure and light aluminum profile make the arm more stable in the process of taking products.


Thus, the position of industrial robots in the field of daily chemical products is gradually prominent, not only to improve the efficiency of production, effective pick and place can avoid products being scratched, resulting in an increase in product defect rate; At the same time, the robot servo system of our robot adopts high frequency and efficient communication technology to optimize the structure of the robot, which makes it more sensitive and rapid response; Our Samfacc as a top robot company, R & D and design of the industrial robot, for injection molding peripheral automation equipment to provide production solutions, promote the process of industrial automation, timely to provide customers with integrated solutions of the robot.



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