IML robot in packaging in various industries

  1. Packaging development

Commodity packaging refers to the use of certain means for the appearance of products according to technical methods in order to protect products, facilitate storage and promote sales in the process of commodity circulation. Commodity packaging is generally divided into two aspects: on the one hand, it refers to the surface packaging of goods, which can be seen and selected by customers directly. On the other hand, it refers to the packaging means in the process of product transportation, which is used to protect the use of products and can not be seen by customers directly. This article is more from the former to discuss.


Product packaging has a long history, as early as primitive society began to use, until the end of the 19th century, the significance of product packaging is still focused on the theme of “commodity protection”. However, in the 20th century, the consumer market in the United Kingdom and the United States underwent new changes, and the consumption pattern gradually shifted from the seller’s market to the buyer’s market. The phenomenon of oversupply made the commodity competition more fierce, and commodity packaging became the sharpened tool of the competition, forming a new form of sales and packaging. With the development and changes of The Times, the social and commercial significance of product packaging is gradually enriched, from the original protection and storage gradually extended to promote sales.

packaging technology

  1. 2. Emergence of IML technology

With the recognition of packaging technology and the expansion of the demand market, IML technology came into being. In IML technology, the customized label is stamped with static electricity, and the IML robot is used to put the preset label into the injection mold cavity, through the injection molding technology, so that the rubber and the label are integrated, the production of identifiable, beautiful plastic products. IML technology reduces labor costs, optimizes the production process, es and improves production efficiency through the mechanized operation of IML robots. At the same time, IML technology is used to increase the aesthetics and anti-counterfeiting of products and improve the economic benefits of products. Finally, the use of IML robots, can reduce the manual label removal process, avoid product secondary pollution, environmental protection, and high efficiency.

packaging technology

  1. Common packaging products and application fields

At present, IML technology is more used in the field of disposable products, pet supplies, daily necessities, food packaging, the chemical industry, and so on. Common products are lunch box lids, snack box lids, yogurt cups, drink cups, kitchen bowls, storage boxes, chemical buckets, flower pots, disposable packaging, laundry bucket, trash can, glass plastic bottle, snack boxes, snack buckets, wash basin, pet supplies and so on. It can be said that IML technology has become an indispensable part of People’s Daily life.


   4. Classification and application of IML robots

IML robots can be divided into top-in type IML robots and side-in type IML robots. Two kinds of IML robots have their own advantages, the specific need to choose according to customer demand, product size, production cycle, and the number of tons of injection molding machine.


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