Application of industrial robot

An industrial robot is an important part of the modern machine manufacturing production system, through programming to complete a variety of expected operations, the position in production is becoming more and more important, in the field of the national economy has a wide range of development space.


industrial robot


In the field of the auto robot, the application of the 3-axis robot is more extensive, especially in simple injection molding production, industrial robot is widely used in the injection molding industry which is more popular with manufacturers. At the same time, the 3-axis high-speed robot can more intuitively improve the productivity of the product, it can reduce the defect rate, save labor costs, and create the greatest benefits for the manufacturers.

For injection molding robots, they can also be called pick and place robots, which do the same things. But for robot automation, with the development of new materials, new processes, and new technologies, the rapid development of various automatic robots to the intelligent direction is promoted.


industrial robot


With the types and types of robots becoming more and more diversified, we require more and more functions of robots. At present, our Samfacc robot is also constantly moving forward, bringing more and more solutions to customers and solving production problems for customers. Like the robot automation field, we focus on the field of injection molding machines surrounding automation equipment, and focus on design, sales, quality, and service, to do a trustworthy brand.


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