Samfacc High Speed Robot–Adhere to the quality to meet customer demand.

Samfacc High-Speed Robot–Adhere to the quality to meet customer demand.


SFNK series high-speed robot is our star product and has become one of the preferred brands in the industry with fast cycle requirements”, which is 3 axis robot, the general manager of Samfacc said that the series is mainly for disposable lunch boxes, knives, and forks, thin-wall packaging products, the fastest cycle time with 2.8 seconds, pick up time up with 0.6 seconds. In many industrial arm robots and auto robotic, there are few arm manufacturers that can achieve such a high-speed and stable robot. So we have a good reputation in this robot automation area.


High-Speed Robot


In the face of the increasing demand for multi-cavity assembly line production in factories, Samfacc has introduced a customized high-speed robot, which uses a customized double guide rail structure and a lightweight aluminum profile arm, featuring high precision, strong load, and easy operation. 


High-Speed Robot


The fastest taking time can be with 0.7 seconds, the overall cycle is generally 7~10 seconds, and the general market is 300~600 tons of injection molding machines. Especially suitable for PET preform, disposable knives, forks,  milk bottle caps, daily cosmetics
pump and other products of high-speed removal.
Combined with the requirements of injection molding machine manufacturers and mold, we optimized the high-speed robot arm to be just right.


High-Speed Robot


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