Robot maintenance matters — Samfacc robot

Robot maintenance matters — Samfacc robot


Samfacc robot


Samfacc robot always focuses on the development of quality and cost performance. At the same time, the Samfacc factory is equipped with a variety of high-precision CNC machine equipment, through the production of high-end precision parts and meticulous manufacturing cooperation, effectively creating robots with high efficiency and long service life for customers. However, high-quality robots should be paid more attention to maintenance details during the actual production and application. The following are the maintenance precautions for the Samfacc robot.


Special note from Samfacc Robot:


Samfacc robot


Make sure to turn off the main power supply for maintenance work before entering the safe area of the robot.


Keep the fuselage clean

Regularly wipe the external fuselage of the robot to remove the dust or oil on the surface of the robot, which helps to keep the overall fuselage clean, avoid dust forming dirt or oil pollution to the product when taking the product, the accumulation of dirt on the fuselage surface will also damage the paint.


Overall rack inspection

Check whether the joint position of the base, transverse arch and arm screws of the whole machine is locked or loose. Most of the connecting parts of the robot are fixed by screws. Due to long-term vibration, the screws are easy to lose and lose and should be checked regularly. Check gear and rack screws for loosening, and add new lubricating oil.


Samfacc robot


Transmission component maintenance

  1. Clean the oil stains and dust on the linear guide rail of each shaft and the slider, and add new (000#) lubricating oil. During the operation of the equipment, a lot of fine dust and smoke will be produced in the production process. If the dust is accumulated in the linear guide rail, it will have a great impact on the accuracy of the whole machine, and even shorten the service life of the equipment. Finally, the prepared lubricating oil can be evenly coated on the guide rail.


  1. Check whether the synchronization wheel screws are loose, the synchronization belt friction or wear, and the belt tightness. Because the high-speed machine in daily production is to maintain the cycle within 8 seconds of high-speed operation, so should more inspection and maintenance of the synchronous wheel and synchronous belt.


Samfacc robot


Pneumatic system maintenance

  1. Carefully check whether there are signs of damage or air leakage in the gas pipe joint and inside the drag chain, and check whether the intake air pressure is stable. There are more gas pipes inside the drag chain, and friction and wear are inevitable during the long-term high-speed operation of the robot.


  1. Drain the filter pressure reducer and air compressor. If the humidity of the compressed air source of the system is too large, there will be a small amount of water gas in the solenoid valve and other precision components with water medium, which is easy to damage and affect the service life.


Samfacc robot


Circuit system maintenance

Check whether the wire of the whole machine is damaged or worn by external factors. In particular, the internal line layout of the drag chain is dense. During the production cycle, the wiring of the continuous friction robot, or the wiring connected to the cable guide rail, is easy to wear and causes safety hazards or failure.


Electric box internal maintenance

Clean the dust inside the electric control box, take dust-proof measures, and check whether the wiring terminals and plugs of electronic components are loose and loose. Check whether the cooling fan of the electric cabinet works properly and replace the air filter. There are more precision components in the electric box. Dust cleaning is a direct process to prevent the formation of dirt, which can reduce the damage rate of precision components.


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