Samfacc High Speed IML Robot

In Mould Label (IML) was born in Europe 25 years ago, Because of its unique advantages in increasing the beauty of packaging containers, improving economic benefits, environmental protection, enhancing anti-counterfeiting, and so on, it is widely favored by the industry. It is a new label packaging form that is different from traditional direct screen printing, heat shrink labels, and self-adhesive labeling. There are many ordinary labels with incomparable advantages in the mold, and it will be the trend of future development.


Samfacc High Speed IML Robot


In the whole labeling production process, the robot also plays a crucial role. When placing the label, the robot should ensure that the label is placed in the correct position, to avoid the problem of product label shifting.

The injection molding equipment has the characteristics of fast injection speed, short molding cycle, and large injection pressure, the robot for labeling the accuracy, stability, and speed requirements are very high, and the fastest cycle time of SFIML can be completed within 3.2 seconds, the integrated effect is permanent, the thin wall products further improve the added value of the moment.


Samfacc High Speed IML Robot


It is the goal of Samfacc to achieve the ultimate mold labeling robot. The use of all kinds of imported big-brand parts is the basis of the stable operation of SFIML, the meticulous assembly process is the guarantee of its durability, and the use of high-precision line rail and multi-data processing is the guarantee of high-speed operation of SFIML.

Most of them are used in the production of injection molding machine cycles less than 5 seconds, such as milk tea cups, yogurt cups, high-end flower pots, etc. The straight line improves production efficiency and leaves a deep impression on customers.


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