Samfacc: Focus on your needs

With the rapid development of plastic processing industry, the degree of injection molding automation equipment is also higher and higher. Foshan Samfacc Robot Co., LTD focuses on peripheral automation of injection molding machines to help enterprises improve the level of automation and intelligence. Samfacc robot have also gone overseas from the domestic market.Including Malaysia, Thailand, the Netherlands, France, the United States, Brazil, Italy, Spain and many other countries and regions in Europe, North America and South America.






Samfacc accurately focuses on the needs of different user groups, and has established a professional R & D team to make targeted product development. In the face of the rising demand for multi-cavity product assembly line production, Samfacc has launched a customized high-speed robot, which adopts a customized double guide rail structure and lightweight aluminum arm, with the characteristics of high action accuracy, strong load and easy operation.





At present, the injection molding robot peer competition is fierce, Samfacc adhere to the quality and stability of products, with the advantages in the high-speed robot and customized robot two fields, to maintain steady progress.

We focus on the first-class quality control and continuous research and development innovation, continuously change the traditional injection molding production mode for enterprises, and commit to contribute to China’s manufacturing industry. Samfacc will focus on its own field, continue to nurture and innovate, and become a leader in the industry.




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