Samfacc customized high-speed robot





Injection molding robot as an important part of injection molding industry production, in essence, according to the program and established trajectory, according to the requirements of the operation, grasp, handling and other imitation human hand actions.  With the deepening of industrialization, the demand for the assembly line production of multi-cavity products is increasing. The customized high-speed robots launched by Samfacc for multi-cavity products are widely praised in the market. 






Samfacc multi-cavity custom high-speed robot

Samfacc This customized high-speed robot for the removal of multi-cavity products, using a customized double rail structure and lightweight aluminum arm, with high action accuracy, strong load, easy to operate and other characteristics.  


Custom construction: can reduce the load of the motor, and improve the durability of the guide rail. At the same time, the double guide rail structure is used to ensure uniform force on both sides of the arm and enhance the stability of the arm.  


Light ALUMINUM PROFILE: SPECIAL light ALUMINUM profile is used to ensure the smooth and smooth arm movement when taking objects, and it is better suitable for products with many cavities and high requirements.  And because of the good ductility and corrosion resistance of aluminum, the robot arm is not easy to deform and endure.






The fastest retrieval time of a multi-cavity customized Samfacc high-speed robot is up to 0.7 seconds, the overall cycle is generally 7~10 seconds, and the injection molding machine is commonly used in the market of 300~600 tons.  Especially suitable for: PET bottle embryo, disposable knife, fork and spoon, ceramic tile corner, milk bottle cap, daily chemical pump and other products taken out at high speed.


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