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An automatic injection moulding machine is a sensitive electrical machine that consists of sensors. FOSHAN SAMFACC ROBOT CO., LTD is committed to delivering quality moulding machines.



automatic injection moulding machine



 An automatic Injection Moulding Machine is a type of electrical machine using which we can automate the process of manufacturing items in a large quantity. On one hand, it reduces cost and on another hand, it reduces the error rate in production lines. There are two types of automatic injection moulding machines currently available in the market which are: Horizontal and Vertical. Depending on the application and fit we supply any of the mentioned types.



automatic injection moulding machine



Several factors should be brought under control for an automatic injection moulding machine. They are:


  • Precise sensor mechanism:To reduce the error rate in production or increase the pass rate the sensors installed in the automatic Injection Moulding Machine need to perform accurately. Otherwise, an error may appear and the entire production could be delayed in a bad way. SAMFACC are committed to gathering the best products and combining them to make the best outcome.
  • Motor speed:The motor speed of the automatic Injection Moulding Machine is variable depending on the need. If the production needs to go faster then, the operator can increase the speed just for a few touches on the touch panel screen.
  • Error detection:If any error occurs then the automatic Injection Moulding Machine will inform by its necessary alert devices such as bulbs, and alarm system and in such case, it may cause the production to avoid any further malfunction.



automatic injection moulding machine



What makes our products the best in the market?


  1. Best industry-grade components:Our talented engineers always make sure to use the best available components to make an automatic Injection Moulding Machine so that our clients get the best performance. From the material quality to assembling the machine our QC team always makes sure that every step is getting done properly.
  2. Computerized control panel:The entire automatic Injection Moulding Machine operation is controllable from a built-in computer system. Once it is running then no need to enforce any external instruction. Speed, quantity, quality, and other things can be set from that touch screen control panel.
  3. Energy-saving and safety:On top of the best design we will ensure that the machine will use less power than other traditional machines. Also, our automatic injection moulding machine meets all the requirements for electrical safety so that no electrical hazard occurs. There is a Force Shut button using which the entire power supply can be disconnected and the most amazing part is when everything is solved then the production can be resumed from its paused state.



automatic injection moulding machine



Blog Conclusion:

In FOSHAN SAMFACC ROBOT CO., LTD, we have hundreds of intelligent engineers, R&D personnel, operators, and quality control person.  Therefore, any product delivered from our factory is subjected to a rigorous production and testing process to ensure that it is of the highest quality to our customers. To check the quality and performance of each automatic injection moulding machine we check the operation numerous times to ensure it is performing as per the expectation. All of our machines are internationally certified. You can also have a look at our other available products.

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