An Introduction to Dual Arm Robot

A dual arm robot is a kind of modern, sophisticated robot used for the automated execution of complex assembly operations. Modern industries are getting dependent on technology rapidly and using technological support rather than conventional human tools. Robotic arms can be used to automate the process of different products and place the equipment onto the pallets or right places. So, robots are taking the places of human tools. The dual arm robots are used in different industries and sectors for effective and efficient operations. A dual arm robot can very effectively control relative motion and interaction of assembly parts in a skillful human-like action with the help of its bimanual manipulation. This robot can easily complete many complex tasks with the help of its algorithm and sophisticated technology, which works are quite impossible and time-consuming for humans. The demand and innovation in this sector are getting higher day by day. Foshan SAMFACC Robot Co., Ltd is one of the renowned robot manufacturers in the market.


dual arm robot


Application of Dual Arm Robot


Because of technological improvements and implementations, different industries are applying robots and automatic equipment in their operational process. Here are some of the most common applications of dual-arm robots in different industrial sectors-

Injection molding – The use of dual-arm robots in the injection molding process reduces waste and increases efficiencies.

Palletizing- Through the dual-arm robot, the process of placing products and equipment onto the pallet has become more efficient and accurate. The automation process is beneficial to the manufacturers. It also ensures the safety of workers.

Inspection – modern robots are made with very sophisticated and automated technology with the help of complex algorithms which help them to inspect anything to provide instant results. This AI feature helps to ensure and improve the quality of the products.

Material Handling – Dual arm robot can be used for handling materials and transportation of goods in the factory and warehouses. The automatic process of handling reduces both time consumption and cost. The product storage and delivery systems become more efficient.

Welding-Risky work for humans, like welding, can be done smartly through dual-arm robots. The accuracy and efficiency of this activity are remarkable.


dual arm robot


The Benefits of Using SAMFACC’s robots


Foshan SAMFACC Robot Co., Ltd manufactures a wide range of high-speed robots, dual-arm robots, and injection molding robots. This robot ensures the best qualities and services to the customers. Some benefits of using these robots are given below-

  • Improved safety The implementation of robotic arms in the industrial field increases the safety of the workers. As the robots are made with high-quality materials and technology, manufacturers can use them in hazardous work.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity– SAMFACC’s robots can work continuously 24×7 without intervention because of their durability. So, productivity gets increased.
  • Enhanced accuracy-The algorithm and AI feature help to enhance the accuracy of the works.


dual arm robot


An overview of SAMFACC and its other products


Foshan Samfacc Robot Co. Ltd started its journey in 2013. It’s a prominent market leader in injection molding machines and peripheral robots manufacturing industry. The firm mainly focused on manufacturing Injection molding machines. Besides this, they manufacture different types of high-speed robots and peripheral equipment. The firm exports its products to Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and other developed countries and regions.


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