Why Purchase An Automated Robot From SAMFACC?

SAMFACC is an international automated manufacturer that focuses on teamwork. The company offers an excellent working environment and focuses on innovation. Everything is done in-house, from the highly skilled design team to well-trained warehouse employees. Here is everything you need to know about automated robots from SAMFACC.

The Advantages Of Buying Robots In Automated Machining From SAMFACC

automated machining increases productivity and ensures compliance. However, the benefits are amplified when robotics are added to automation.


The automated robot is compatible with a long list of materials. These SAMFACC robots can quickly move the heaviest materials. 

Furthermore, they will also relocate and lift heavy objects too. Robotics’ internal mechanism has an excellent weight to strength understanding. Therefore, robotics in automation is now applicable to metals and plastics.

automated robot

Excellent Results

SAMFACC automated components in robotics have very low friction. As a result, manufacturers can use the feature to create industrial parts with minimum roughness. Furthermore, the use of such parts is amplified with extended operations. The additional processes improve the surface for efficient use.


Robotics in automated machining also focuses on precision. SAMFACC’s innovation is automated and allows manufacturers to produce parts with an accuracy of a hundred thousandth of an inch. The feature promotes innovative designs in robotics for seamless use across all industries.

Easy Interface 

Alongside high speed, the automated robot has shortened the time of producing different industrial parts. SAMFACC machines move at high revolutions per minute. They are simple to use, saving time in operating and supervising the robotics. As a result, the automated machine produces custom parts efficiently.

The Low Margin Of Error

Robotics in automated machines has increased mobility. SAMFACC robots can pick up the tiniest pieces from workstations. The parts are loaded into an automated machine for processing in the next step. Robots manufacture the parts with a margin of error of one millimeter. It prevents mistakes in production and promotes efficient use of resources.

automated robot

Different Robots In Automated Machining At SAMFACC

Traverse Robot

SAMFACC’s best sellers are traverse robots. The automated robot will remove and replace parts of different machinery. These robots are primarily used in the aerospace, car, and metalworking industries. However, you will also find them in the food industry for horizontal injection molding.

IML Robots

SAMFACC also sells IML robots. The automated robot is very credible. Moreover, the robots require very little supervision. They are perfect for large orders in the food industry. IML robots in automated machining focus on planet preservation to achieve customer satisfaction.

Cutlery Packaging System

Cutlery Packaging System is another automated robot with traverse, pickup, and casing stages. SAMFACC cutlery system also comes with two sections to stack plates. The food industry uses the robot to package single and multiple items simultaneously. 

Vertical Robots

Did you know SAMFACC also sells vertical robots? The machinery has single and double arms for installing products on conveyors. SAMFACC vertical robots are based on energy saving to benefit the client. Furthermore, the latest technology ensures precision.

automated robot

Side-entry Robot

Lastly, you can buy a side entry robot from SAMFACC. The automated robot reduces deprecation in molding machines. It has a three-axis injection robot for side entry. It is highly effective and used in industries where height is an issue.

SAMFACC Is An Industry Leader

SAMFACC is a specialist in manufacturing injection molds for automated equipment. The automated robot provider has innovative designs and an excellent sales staff. SAMFACC is also an expert in advanced automated modules for an efficient assembly line. Visit https://www.samfacc.com/ to learn about their product details and quality assurance protocols.  


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