Samfacc robot in Chinaplas2021 Samfacc Robot Cooperation Show with 8 Exhibitors

“Samfacc” is  returning, future is “shaping”

On April 13, 2021, ChinaPLAS 2021 kicked off in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall) with great fanatics.

As the forefront of the industry, Samfacc Automation and eight exhibitors cooperated actively with this great project hand in hand .In the exhibition, Samfacc robots depended on virtue of their excellent quality and good public praise, to show everyone the strength and pride of Samfacc.





The models exhibited in the booth of CHEN HSONG are standard machine SF950W-S3L and high-speed machine SFK950W-S3L, among which mobile phone card slot removal  from SF950-S3L has attracted wide attention.Even if it is not high-speed manipulator to take things is fast and stable, visitors stopped to watch.




In order to quickly respond to the soaring demand for medical and health products in the post-epidemic market, Samfacc and Lanson have collaborated to present the nucleic acid test cover project.High-speed manipulator SFK950W-S3L in cooperation with the independent research and development of the special tool, can remove the 32 cavity nucleic acid detection cover perfectly and rapidly .




Samfacc and Kaiming Machine cooperation show have a combination of our two  different structures high-speed robot.Open type high-speed robot SFNK1100W-S3L for milk tea cup taking out & frame structure type SFK950W-S3L  cover taking out.




Samfacc and YUS  cooperation show one-time nucleic acid test tube project.The high speed SFNK950W-S3 of Samfacc robot made a prefect match,which attracts many buyers in the medical plastic industry to come and watch.




The model on display in the LK booth is SFNK1200W-S3L, which is mainly used for the production of products within the injection cycle of 3-6s. In the exhibition, it is used for the display of disposable lunch box taking out. With the 0.6s taking time and the 2.8s cycle, it shined in the exhibition and attracted people from all over the world to stop and watch.




To change and prosperous.The development of rubber and plastic industry has never stopped, and Samfacc will follow the pace of rubber and plastic industry, actively seeking and innovation, to show you more possibilities and  abundant imagination of Samfacc robot.The ever-growing new scene in this exhibition highlights the unlimited potential of rubber and plastic enterprises. In developing new opportunity in crisis and opening new aspect in this changing situation.

Special thanks to the eight joint exhibitors!




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