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Samfacc’s automatic whole-line packaging solution


With the continuous development of the packaging industry, the automation of the whole-line solution gradually received attention.  Both the use of simple and convenient, stable performance, unmanned operation and other advantages, are loved by manufacturers.  Aiming at the production and packaging process of plastic products, Samfacc constantly optimizes and innovates the packaging solution of the whole line, which has won many praises from the market and the industry.

whole line packaging

whole line packaging

Development and Application

Automatic whole-line packaging solution, which is in the use of a robot to take out the product, combined with the number of product packaging requirements, size and other parameters.Through stacking, sorting, transmission and other steps to reach the automatic packaging machine, and in accordance with the preset procedures for product packaging.  The whole process without manual intervention, effectively reduces the packaging link of bacterial pollution, to ensure the production process is clean and efficient.  Compared with manual bagging, automatic whole-line solutions can greatly improve production efficiency and save labour costs.

whole line packaging

Samfacc independent research and development pillow-type packaging machine, which is suitable for multiple specifications of different quantities of product packaging.  Using roller autobiography design, it can realize the requirements of continuous work;  the combination of positioning stop and automatic detection device ensures the packaging quality and avoids the waste of packaging film—simple transmission system with software control, convenient for customer operation and maintenance and technical upgrade. 

whole line packaging

Samfacc’s automatic whole-line packaging solution is divided into three parts: taking out, stacking sorting and packaging. 

Taking out: Use Samfacc’s high-speed SFNK or SFK robot to take out, the fastest take-out time is up to 0.7 seconds. 

Stacking sorting: Design and produce customized solutions for different products to achieve high efficiency and high-quality delivery.

Packaging: Use a pillow-type packaging machine, according to the number of packaging, and personalized setting of packaging time. 

whole line packaging









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